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Please text 941-807-5083 to sell your collection. Please let us know if it a collection of LPs (Big records) or 45s (Small records) We can come to you or you can come to us on Mondays and sometimes other days. If you text ahead with a few times that work for you we can figure something out! Please leave a message if you call and I will get back to you when I can!

We are looking for any kind of vinyl records you have! You can drop off the records for a appraisal. We will give you a quote on the spot and mail a check to you for your records if you decide to sale. If we come across something more valuable then we initially thought we will send you a check to compensate you so you want to come to us next time!

Typically we pay about $.05 per each record (as long as they are in halfway decent shape, no mold or water damage) unless it is something rare or in demand (see list below). We only pay this much unless the record is in demand because:

A) It sometimes takes years to sell the album.

B) But isn't vinyl coming back? Yes and No. They are more people buying and selling them. On average the prices have dropped in value from when we started. Unless it is something rare.

C) They have to be safely stored till they sell and this costs us a lot of money

D) Some albums sold so well that there are over 200 million copies out there! Meaning almost everyone had a Nat King Cole, Peter Frampton, & Bing Crosby album. It is nice that the artist sold so many of them. The problem is that no one wants the used vinyl unless they can get it for next to nothing and in perfect shape.

E) We compete with over 10,000 other merchants all selling the same type of product.

F) A lot of records we get have to be play tested and this takes time and if it is in too rough a shape it ends up getting recycled.

G) The records have to be in good shape. If they are in too rough of shape no one typically buys them.

Below are list subject to change:

In Demand Records if over $10 in value we are willing to buy and pay 30% of value with a check or offer a credit trade in at %50 of historic sale price if they are in good shape:

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Fleetwood Mac
Michael Jackson
Dire straits
David Bowie
Miles Davis (Only VG+ or better)
Bruce Springsteen
New Order
Neil Young- Harvest album only
Rolling Stones
Guns & Roses
Black Sabbath
Some Heavy Metal & Punk Rock
Blues music

Rare Records
If you have something rare worth over $100.00 we will sell it on a %50 commission.

We also buy video games and toys on a case by case basis 


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